Hello, my name is Heath Langreck

and I am a financial coach.

But I wasn’t always a financial coach. In fact, I used to be a financial mess. I earned good money at my software development job but had thousands of dollars in consumer debt. I bought clothes I never wore. I bought shiny expensive toys, got bored with them, and then bought new shiny expensive toys. I lived in a bigger house than I needed. I went out to eat all the time. I bought a new car to avoid having to deal with repairing the old car. I threw money at problems instead of taking ownership and learning valuable skills.

Then I cleaned up my act. I killed the debt for good. I cut out the emotional spending, downsized my life, and increased my savings. I focused my power and energy on the goal of financial independence. At the age of 44 I quit my job. I never need to work for the money ever again, and it feels great! I have more freedom than I ever dreamed was possible. Now I help others improve their financial mastery and get more of what they want in life.

What is a financial coach?

Let’s start with what a financial coach is not. It is not a financial advisor or planner. They get paid for managing your money and selling investment products. They will also discuss financial goals with you and help you plan for the future, but the way they get paid is to get your money invested with them. These are valuable services, but coaching works differently.

A financial coach works on education,  accountability, and transformation. I do not manage your money or sell you investment products. My only purpose is to help you get you the results you want. We dive deep into your personal values and what motivates you. We uncover your money habits and work toward improving them to reach your goals. We work with tools and spreadsheets. The numbers are important. But even more important is your money mindset and motivation. The best tool in the world will not help you reach your goals if you don’t use it.

Where are you on the road to financial mastery?

Are you overwhelmed by debt and can’t seem to find a way out?

Having a lot of debt can be scary, and it is holding you back. You are trying to run a marathon with a weight vest on. I can tell you from my own personal experience how hard that can be. Allow me to help you develop a steady plan that will get you out of debt and stay out of debt forever. Together we will uncover your own personal and powerful reasons to finally take charge. We will get that weight vest off of you so you can run free.


Are you living paycheck to paycheck despite earning decent money?

I know what it’s like to worry about that big car or home repair just waiting to spring up and throw your entire life out of order. It doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine the peace of mind and empowerment you would feel knowing that you are in charge when those events happen. Imagine being financially bulletproof! Together we will create a plan to release you from the shackles of scarcity and bring you to the freedom of abundance.


Would you like to be saving more? Are you saving but don’t know why?

For a long time, I saved a bare minimum in a robotic fashion with no purpose or passion. It served me well enough for a period of my life, but something was missing. After I did the inner work on my values, I found my “powerful why.” Only then was I able to radically change my money mindset and go all in on saving. Are you ready to get serious about what matters most to you in life? Are you ready to get excited about your highest values and focus all your time and energy on them? Maybe it’s saving for your kids’ education so they don’t have to start their adult lives in massive debt. Maybe it’s retirement on your own terms. Maybe it’s a legacy of wealth for your family or to create a positive impact on the planet.


Do you want complete financial freedom?

What would you do with your life if you didn’t need to work for the money? Would you quit your job? Travel the world on a sailboat? Hike the Appalachian trail? Work on that passion project? Do you daydream about this? I did. For many years, I dreamed about quitting my software development career. I dreamed of leaving behind the 40+ hour work weeks and stressful weekends of being on call. I dreamed of regaining control of my creative output and pursuing my heart’s desires. Then one day I made a plan and turned those dreams into reality. Are you ready to do the same? Does the thought of it excite and scare you a little bit? Is your brain objecting with all the reasons you could never get there? They are all lies, but you won’t believe me until you examine them for yourself. I have traveled this path. Allow me to guide you. Amaze yourself with powers you never even knew you had. Of course, there will also be spreadsheets! 

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