Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Dorothy, the Tin Man, and The Scarecrow are making their way through the dark forest. All around them are darkness, uncertainty, and strange sounds. Where are the sounds coming from? What could be making them? Oh, how the imagination runs wild, fills in the gaps, and jumps to conclusions! Dorothy asks: “Do you suppose we’ll meet any wild animals?” The Tin Man responds: “Hm, we might.” And then The Scarecrow quickly chimes in: “Animals that eat… straw?” Cue the oft-quoted song and the skipping, and then poof the cowardly lion appears out of nowhere, almost as if he were magically…

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Disagreeing is a Habit. Being Curious is a Superpower.

What if the antidote to disagreement were not agreement but curiosity? Think of someone you recently disagreed with. What did she say that you are so certain she is wrong about you could not wait to correct her in person or at least in your own mind? Bonus points if you were emotionally charged by the situation. Now ask yourself some questions. Do you understand why she believes what she believes? Where did her thinking come from? Do you understand what that belief means to her and how it directs her daily life? How might having that belief serve her,…

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